About Us

ToxFix is a platform for the distribution of predictive tools and design guidelines for reduced toxicity of commercial chemicals. It is managed by DOT (DesigningOutToxicity), a consultancy in Green Chemistry and Toxicology based in Alexandria, Virginia.

DOT Consulting was co-founded in 2013 by two chemists, Drs. Adelina Voutchkova and Jakub Kostal. Adelina and Jakub started to collaborate on developing new methods for designing safer chemicals during their doctoral studies at Yale University, and continued to do so during their post-doctoral studies under the auspices of Paul Anastas and Julie Zimmerman at the Yale Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering.

Since inception, both DOT and ToxFix have grown fueled by youthful innovation and invaluable mentorship from gurus in the Chemistry and Toxicology fields. Our mission has always been to bridge the gap between computational chemistry and predictive toxicology, providing our clients with state-of-the-art tools to ensure chemical safety in early product development.